Dear Life,

Hi!! I haven’t talked with you from ages and I know it gets really tough sometimes and I lose it bad and I am rude to you, I know that. Other people for some reason apparently get along with you all the time. Strange for me, because we do not get along in some instances, and I mean WE DO NOT. I know I am not perfect, so obviously I am not always good and stuff with you.

I just want to say, I do appreciate you and everything that you bring along. The happiness, sadness, the unasked roller coaster ride’s ups and downs. Even though sometimes you get on my nerves a lot, at the end of the day I do appreciate you. And I know we need to talk more because after all, talking solves and strengthens a relationship.

I know it isn’t easy and who knows maybe we will get ruined first but once a wise woman did say, “Ruin is the road to transformation.”, and doesn’t it fit perfectly with us? Ruin is actually the road to any transformation or evolution and it will take time, a lot of time okay. We both know that but hey, Albert Einstein also said that, “Time is only an illusion.”, so ruin and illusion seems the recipe to have a happy relationship with you. Why didn’t I simply ask those people who get along with you so well? Eh their recipe wouldn’t have worked, because their Life isn’t like my Life. (Also have a little mercy okay, I can’t change over the night.)

So, here’s to a happy relationship with you Life.

With much love

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