Baarishein : An epitome of selfless love

It is impossible to unlove someone after we have fallen in true love with them. We don’t demand anything from them since all we hope is for them to grasp it one day. It simply means giving and giving, and if we receive that pristine love in return, we are bestowed with the most exquisite diamond.

// Teri hi baaton pe maine
Saja li hain duniya yahan
Dil ke darmiya
Baarishein hai baarishein //

The entire world appears to be more beautiful with them, and we, in order to live, build our own dimension filled with their glances, sweet voice, and peace in our hearts. They never fail to come in front of us as a daydream on the highways of loneliness to inform us that they are with us. When we finally get to see them, we experience a surge of emotions that causes us to fall in love with them all over again.

// Ab tere bina yahan meri saasein
Jaise bina nindiya ke raatein hai toh //

And as the separation begins to murder us within, we understand that those serene days, infinite enjoyment, and instant comfort were only possible because they were present. All of this makes us feel so greedy that we want we could go back in time and re-unite with them, but all we end up doing is regretting which hurt sometimes while also angering us.

// Ki kholoon pankh Mein mere
Ud jaun mein Kho jaun mein
Iss aasmaan mein
Patango ki tarah //

That light in their eyes is like never-ending sky, and we’re not sure why, but it tells us not to step back and be lost in them forever. You are no longer a part of our lives, much like the chopped kites that don’t belong to the person flying them, but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten about you; rather, this love will continue to fly until you find it.

By Bhumika Mehra
Instagram username: @bhumika_mehra13

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