Today, while I am writing this to you, my heart is still skipping a beat with every word that I engrave in this letter. No wonder that this letter may or may not reach you. Yet, I just wanted to let you know about the butterflies in my stomach that I still get when I see you anytime.

Was it magic ? Or was it destiny that our eyes met in the corridor as we bumped into each other coincidentally. Since then, I see you where ever I go and whenever I come to college. Despite knowing that you are already committed to someone my heart is still longing for you.

Friendship is what I got from you, though I expected it to be something more than that. Yes, I get jealous of that girl whom you call yours. I feel taken a back when she comes near you. I feel anxious when she holds your hand in front of me. I shiver and tremble with fear when the thought of loosing you captures my mind.

As the saying goes ” not everyone is blessed with all that they desire ” makes me a little strong everytime I feel broken when I think that you cannot be mine. But, the thought that you are at least my friend gives utmost solace to my heart and peace to my mind. 

Spending time with you during the break times in the canteen and finding ways to talk to you with various excuses like I have few doubts please clear them, please give me your book I need to complete etc were my favourite past time. Today, when I think about all those stupid ideas that I built in my mind makes me feel so idiotic but yet puts a gentle smile on my face. 

All I wish today for is,Someday in life if I ever meet you, I will be glad and I wish to tell you all this face to face with lots of joy and happiness. I wish you be happy where ever you are. I wouldn’t really say I’m writing this to you with grief because I’m writing this to you with a lot of joy only because you are still my crush who is my friend atleast.


Someone who wishes to be yours.

Written by : Harshal Sanghi

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