The ravishing pillars of marble

Were coloured in blood

The white swans no longer

Floated with serenity in the blue waters

The land of cultural heritage

Turned into a land of slaves

Tricoloured no longer remained the same

And the golden hawk was no longer set free!

When the golden hawk was captured

Tears arose in the eyes of a million men

Days went by

And for the years to come

The golden hawk

Became clenched in the cage of the whites.

No one came forward

To fight against the whites

But a man with a stick

Brought fire in people by moulding them brick by brick.

Started with satyagrah

Taught everyone how to protest

No violence was the only motto he carried with him in his head.

The movements he led

Showed strength of the country

Through which the protests spread

Men women young and old

Everyone became one

To fight against all odds.

The story of freedom

Needs no limelight

It itself gives delight to a million eyesights!

My soldier brothers shed their blood

Carrying the Indian flag on their shoulders

Fought hundreds of whites day and night

My mother land

Holds her crown on her head again

With names of the warriors engraved

On her body that drapes the saree of blood they gave

Blood of victory and of power

All Indians are proud of the freedom struggle

Our brave hearts went throughout

To love our country even more

Written by: Shruti Singh / @_shrutiiwrites_

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